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Standard and Toy Poodles and Devon Rex and Sphynx Cats


This page is here so that if they so wish, anyone who has visited just to look, or has gone on to take home an Itzapromise puppy or kitten, can give others their views on their experience.

Quotes We welcomed one of Audrey & Morse's puppies into our family a few weeks ago. "Murphy" is an absolute treasure and his calm but fun loving, placid but playful nature is testament to the hard work that Jane obviously puts into her puppies. He has settled into his new home living alongside 3 lively children fantastically. We previously had 2 miniature poodles for 16 years and he has filled the massive hole they left behind perfectly. Jane provided lots of information and advice about Standards and Murphy even came home with a supply of dinners to keep him going for a couple of weeks! Jane's dogs are stunning and I would highly recommend her to anyone considering a standard poodle. Quotes
Liz Pickup

Quotes Well, what can we say? We collected our beautiful girl a week ago today and what a joy she has been. She has to be the most laid back, chilled out, beautiful pup we have ever had the privilege to meet, and she's ours. Thank you Jane for all your hard work and dedication that produces pups like our Lacey. She will be coming to work with me most days, giving children, and adults, the same joy that she gives me. Thanks again Jane. Might be back for Cagney sooner rather than later. Quotes
Bridget and Carl
Happy Spoo mum and dad

Quotes Itzapromise immediately felt different from other breeders I had met. From 1st introduction Jane welcomed us into her home to mix with all her dogs and join them on walks. Seeing the dogs interacting and at play really gives you a feel for their personalities. It was really exciting to watch live video feed of the puppies? progress from birth through their first weeks. We also visited the puppies with their mum a couple of times before finally collecting Sasha. Jane?s dogs are a real tribute to the way she raises them in the heart of the family home, ensuring the best possible start in the crucial early weeks. We left with a supply of food, helpful advice and the reassurance of being able to contact Jane about any worries or queries. Sasha settled in to our family so quickly; she is beautiful, has oodles of character, a lovely nature & takes everything in her stride. I wouldn?t be without her, and definitely recommend Jane to anyone looking for that very special poodle companion. Quotes
Sarah Horsley-Heather
Itzapromise All An Illusion

Quotes In September we collected our first ever standard poodle from Jane. Samuel George is an amazing pup, very clever and well behaved but with spirit enough to argue. He is affectionate and playful and already can sit stay and give his paw. He loves everyone that visits and I cant wait to get him out and about next week when his vaccine curfew will be over. Jane has helped with advise and answered my many and ongoing questions re food etc. I feel so lucky to have found such a dedicated and responsible breeder. I am hoping that we can have a brother for Samuel from Jane in the near future. Quotes
Amanda Wood
Poodle Mom

Quotes Itzapromise Surfs Up, pet name Rupert. One year ago my daughter and I visited Jane's home to see the most beautiful litter of Standard Poodle puppies born to the elegant Audrey. The rest is history as they we are now the proud owners of Rupert who is exactly one year old today (9.03.14). Jane is a knowledgeable and experienced breeder and all her dogs are brought up as pets and have superb temperaments. Jane really loves her animals and has a real bond with them. Rupert is a credit to Audrey and to Jane. He is a handsome boy and from day one he settled into our home with ease. Rupert's birthday has fallen on the day when a Standard Poodle, Ricky, has won best in show at Crufts. I would recommend Jane to anyone considering taking on such a wonderful, energetic and loving breed. Linda and Natalie Bauer Itzapromise SurfsUp Quotes
Linda Bauer

Quotes What a great experience it was to meet Jane Rowden and her beautiful dogs. My 12 year old Standard Poodle died earlier this year, and after months of agonizing I finally made the decision to look for a caring, responsible breeder for a new pup. When I met Jane's poodles my spirits were lifted, they were so affectionate with me, lively and loving towards Jane, but calm and attentive to her directions. In obvious good health, all her dogs live, and pups are reared in the family home, alongside the delightful Devon Rex cats she breeds. Jane's dogs are health tested and their mates thoughtfully selected to ensure that this very special, wonderful breed gets the care and breeding it deserves. Jane is dedicated to her dogs and cats, and I highly recommend Itzapromise. December 2013 Quotes
Jennifer Davies

Quotes We had a Toy poodle from Jane last year he is a lovely boy and he will be 1 year old in May and he is full of life and he keeps us young. (Thank you Jane) Quotes
Mr & Mrs

Quotes winnie "itzapromise tatyana" came to live with us on the 29th dec. 2011, and we are absolutely thrilled with her,she has fitted in with our canine and human family perfectly and she has the most wonderful temperament, I can't recommend Jane highly enough, her dogs and cats are beautiful xxx Quotes
Laura HIll
Privilidged owner

Quotes Merlin is one of Dollars 2010 litter and before him I had a black standard Roxtillma puppy which Jane helped deliver who was a stunning dog and Merlin has taken over from him very well. He is very high spirited and loves everyone. He does obedience and heel work to music ( which he thinks is a great laugh and obedience is a bit of a bore. He has a lovely temperament and all the people who meet him give him a love which makes keeping all 4 feet on the floor rather dificult. He is now doing his silver good citizen. Quotes
Gwen Dancy.

Quotes I've just bought a beautiful little apricot standard boy puppy (known to all as Tiny Tim - Audrey's puppy, born Nov 2011) from Jane. He's totally adorable and fitted in to the household immediately! I've called him Dylan and he's a playmate for my 6year old white standard poodle boy, Darcy. Darcy didn't want to know him at first but is now adjusting really well to the new arrival and gives him a run for his money in the garden! Dylan is so responsive and easy to train and a real character. The hard work Jane puts in to her dogs certainly pays off - her puppies are such a credit to her. I also regularly see one of Dollar's big blue boys - he's called Blue - and he's also settled really well with Max, the German Shepherd, and is adored by John, his new owner. Thanks a million, Jane, from both of us. Quotes
Diane Rabbitt