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This page is here so that if they so wish, anyone who has visited just to look, or has gone on to take home an Itzapromise puppy or kitten, can give others their views on their experience.

Quotes Sophie (from Dollar's June 2010 litter), has brought so much joy into our lives! She is a real show-stopper, like her littermates and mum, and incredibly intelligent. Jane is a dedicated breeder and works hard to make sure her puppies are well-socialised. She is also available to provide advice post-pup-purchase. Quotes
Itzapromise Moonriver

Quotes I bought a Working Cocker from jane last year who has successfuly owned me ever since - fab temperament and very sound - she has trained the Border Collies to release any toy they may have that she wants by just looking at them and barking once - she didnt even use a clicker!! :0) I have known Jane a long time and although this was the first pup I have been lucky enough to get from her I know just how much care and attention goes into every litter she breeds... thanks jane :0) Quotes
Jane Godding

Quotes I have finally brought home my own Itzapromise puppy after first meeting Jane and her poodles three years ago. Nina (Itzapromise Lady Fury) is the most well adjusted pup I have ever met and has slotted straight into her new family with no trouble whatsoever. Jane puts an incredible amount of effort into producing her puppies and I would recommend them to anyone. Quotes
Fiona Tyson
Itzapromise Lady Fury

Quotes We discovered Jane and Itzapromise by chance, via epupz. Having lost our beloved 12 year old Standard in June 2012, we were ready to take on the challenge and joy of our very own puppy. We couldn't have been more pleased with Cally (Itzapromise Silver Moon - June 2010), she is everything we could wish for in a dog, and at 18 months old, has become sincerely loved by all whose lives she touches. She is admired by all who meet her, and her incredible temperament, beauty and personality can only be attributed to her breeding. I follow Jane's blogs with interest, she is a dedicated breeder who clearly loves what she does. Thanks Jane. Quotes
Sharon Hicks
Itzapromise Silver Moon

Quotes I have recently become a breeder of Devon Rex and have had 2 litters todate. Both have been sired by Jane's stud, Witchypuss Onefortheladys aka Manuel. I have been so happy with my kittens . They have been very healthy, gorgeous mixtures of colour and a credit to their breed. I would highly recommend using this lovely boy. Thank you , Jane, Quotes
Shirley Churches
Devon Rex breeder

Quotes I have known Jane for almost 20 years and in that time I have had the privilege in sharing in the joy of many of her litters of puppies and kittens. I have several friends who have or have had puppies from Jane, and every single puppy she breeds has the most fantastic temperament. Jane spends a great deal of time researching pedigrees and lines to make sure any dog she uses on her health tested bitches are the very best , both from the temperament side and also structural/health side. Jane brings up her puppies in a busy household, and she spends a vast amount of time making sure the puppies are well socialised & thoroughly stimulated. If I ever have another standard poodle I would only ever have one from Jane. I just wish she bred my own particular breed :-) Anyone having an Itzapromise puppy is indeed a very very lucky person. Quotes
Rosie Ison
Stunning puppies

Quotes I purchased a beautiful black smoke and white kitten from Jane, and am so pleased I did. 'Biba' is a very friendly, mischievous kitten, and fits in with my animal family perfectly. Hopefully, I will be getting another little rex from Jane in the future. Quotes
Angela Hire
Happy Devon Rex owner

Quotes I have the honour of owning Itzapromise Moondust (Lilly). She has strikingly good looks and has a personality and disposition to match. She is fun, clever and great to be around! Lilly is my companion and friend and I love her so very much! Thank you Jane for entrusting her to me! Quotes
Jane Murphy
Itzapromise Moondust

Quotes I first met Jane after losing my beautiful Standard poodle at 15 years, and was not sure if I could face a different dog. However, once I met them, I was immediately determined to have one of her pups. Jane is so committed to her dogs, they are beautiful creatures, with adorable personalities, and she gives her dogs a healthy and happy home with lots of wonderful walks. She also spends so much time and effort on her pups that they are outstanding. It is also such a privilege to be able to watch your pup born and growing up, on her webcam (though not good on the Broadband useage!!) I finally have my pup...a "mini Audrey", and she is an utter delight !!I cannot recommend Jane too highly ...and if I won the lottery, I would have a house full of her dogs!!! (One at a time, of course!!) Quotes
Sarah Williams
Itzapromise poodles are the best....

Quotes I have the greatest pleasure of owning Matilda a stunning silver daughter of Dollar. She is the most gorgeous girl inside and out . She is my constant companion and I love her to bits. Like her mother she turns heads wherever she goes. Thank you Jane for a wonderful friend.xx Quotes
Jane Smith
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