Itzapromise Poodles

Raising the Standard in Poodles and Devon Rex Cats

How many Itzapromise poodles can we get together?


After giving this a fair bit of thought, I have at last made a decision on a date and suitable venue for the 1st Itzapromise reunion. The venue is a National Trust property that offers ample free parking, several meadows suitable for picnics and some lovely walks for the furry attendees and their owners, it is also only a couple of miles from Dartmoor, so lovely for those who would like to have a walk up there later on.

As this is a public area I decided not to wait until the school holidays start, as it gets very busy at that time of year. I will be there to meet everyone from about 11am until about 3pm (though happy to stay longer if required). There is apparently a cafe on site, though I have not used it yet, but I feel a picnic would be perhaps more sociable for those of us with dogs.

This reunion is of course an open invite to all those who have an Itzapromise poodle (or spaniel or GSD, unfortunately we can't include any cats) but I would also like to extend an invite to those who have a puppy from an Itzapromise dog, also I would be very pleased to meet anyone who may be considering getting a poodle, as this would be a great opportunity to speak to lots of people with poodles and to hear about their experiences with the breed.

I really hope that we get a good show, it would be lovely to catch up on how everyone is getting along. Although I am not booking a venue, or providing catering, I would appreciate some idea of numbers, perhaps those who hope to attend could let me know. I will definitely be bringing my camera, perhaps we could set a record for the greatest amount of related poodles in one photo!! So get practicing those sit/stays :-)


Venue - Parke, Bovey Tracey, Devon

 Date - Sunday 21st July 201, 11am - 3pm

Update; What a fantastic afternoon, 20 poodles and our GSD!, all behaved beautifully and a good time was had by all. We will certainly repeat this next year :-)