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This page is here so that if they so wish, anyone who has visited just to look, or has gone on to take home an Itzapromise puppy or kitten, can give others their views on their experience.

Quotes We've shared our lives with poodles for 50 years now (14 wonderful friends). We chose a Dollar pup as I so much wanted a silver girl of that breeding and finding Jane and the way she reared all her pups was like finding buried treasure! Itzapromise Moonlight came to light up our lives in August 2010- she is the most beautiful poodle we've ever been privileged to know - really sweet temperament and very intelligent-her petname Rafiki (aka Fiki) means "friend" in swahili and she's really lived up to that name- she is my shadow and my best friend - with a great poodle sense of humour and stunningly good looks too! In January 2011 we were blessed a second time when Itz. Hot Stuff (Frankie)came to join our family. My golden apricot beauty - she is sight impaired but, thanks to all the work Jane put into those early months, socialising her so well, it's almost impossible to tell she isn't absolutely perfect. They are ,undoubtedly, the best "prepared" pups we've ever had and a constant joy. Quotes
Mary + Simon Elks (retired vets)
Twice Blessed- Itzapromise Moonlight + Itzapromise Hotstuff

Quotes We have just had our third Devon Rex from Jane, and we can honestly say we are delighted with all our cats, all from different Queens but they are all stunning, so loving and fun to be with. We picked up Mister Brimley just a week ago and he settled straight into our home, our other boy loved him from the start and our little girl took a few days ( nose put firmly out of place), but she now washes him and plays with him wether he wants it or not! We also have two dogs and he met them with the same confidence as he did with our two older cats. Janes cats are so well socialised and loved and cared for, they are so confident, I wouldn?t hesitate to recommend a kitten from one of her beautiful cats. As I have not had one of her puppies I can?t comment only to say they are all happy and look stunning, and as much care goes into her dogs as her cats. Super friendly cats, and a lovely lady Quotes
Angela George

Quotes We have two of Janes wonderful Devon Rex cats. Sunny. (Male) and Misty (female). I haven?t had Devon?s before although my sister has. They ?re the most wonderful cheeky naughty little people anyone could wish to have. They are not put off by anything in the house dogs etc , bombproof I would say, and so loving, so many cuddles. Jane is a really conscientious breeder who knows her cats and dogs inside out, and we hope to get another kitten shortly :) we have fallen head over heels for them. Thank you Jane Quotes
Angela George
Happy mummy

Quotes I never thought I was a cat person, always being in the ?dogs all the way? camp. Then one day, I met a Devon Rex. This cat (not one of Jane?s) was a little patchy-coated chocolate boy with a gremlin face and tiny paws. I was a convert, and after meeting Jane and bringing home a gorgeous ginger boy (a blue and white girl followed a couple of years later), the conversion cycle has continued. My two Itzapromise fluffbundles are happy, healthy and well socialised characters, much due to Jane?s care and attention in their formative weeks. They make me smile every single day and I?m lucky to have them. Thanks so much Jane! Quotes
Anne Lethbridge
Self certified ?cat person?

Quotes Having followed Jane and the owners of Itzapromise Poodles we knew we absolutely had to have one of her pups. We already have a Standard Poodle and Steve has been a great playmate for her. Steve is a stunning silver and is both loving and playful with an amazing personality. It was absolutely fantastic to be able to follow the litter from birth to collection and Jane is always happy to answer any questions you have. Whether you want to show your gorgeous pup or just have an amazing companion I can't recommend Itzapromise highly enough! Quotes
Mary & Jon Print
Slightly Obsessed Parents of Steve

Quotes for a very long time i had wanted a phantom standard poodle i had searched many breeders but there was something about the itzapromise web site that drew me in, this was no ordinary breeder ,this is someone who takes great pride in her dogs and the puppies they produce .Jane is extremely knowledgeable and could answer any questions or query's that i had. after finding itzapromise i excitedly watched the blog( which Jane keeps updated weekly) and went through all the stages of Spirits and Audreys pregnancy from being in season up to birth which Jane very generously shared via webcam. for the next eight weeks i would take every opportunity i could to watch the puppies progress until the day i brought Rana home a gorgeous puppy just like her mum Spirit and dad Morse. Rana is everything you want in a puppy and more she was practically toilet trained on arrival and so intelligent .thank you Jane for allowing me the privilege to have an itzapromise puppy in my life Quotes
extremely lucky itzapromise puppy owner

Quotes We took a long time choosing the right breeder for us, as we wanted to show our puppy as well as have another family member. I wanted a breeder who health tested and bred for temperament and conformation. Then we had to wait until Jane bred her silver girl .....but boy the wait was worth it .Margo a silver pup from litter 2014 is stunning and showing at champ level . She is not only beautiful and turns heads where ever we go she also has the most amazing temperament. I can only thank Jane for letting us have Margo and wouldn't hesitate on having another itzapromise standard poodle in the future from Jane. Quotes
Michelle and Chris harlow
Owner of Margo puppy 2014

Quotes After much soul searching and 30 years in foster and rescue we bought our first puppy from Jane. Dusk, our Blue Standard Poodle, has been a star from the moment we saw him last September. He has fitted in with our five existing dogs and three cats, numerous farm animals and myriad visitors with ease and good humour, entertained us with his great capacity to enjoy all the good things in life, and impressed us with his intelligence and skill at obedience, agility and gundog training! We are really grateful to Jane for letting us own him. Quotes
Julie and Andrew Taylor-Browne
Happy Poodle Owners

Quotes We feel so blessed with our itzapromise standard poodle puppy. Gypsy has been in our lives now for 5 weeks and we couldn't have asked for a better dog. She has fitted in like a dream and everyone comments on what a laid back and happy puppy she is. I am sure her happy disposition is partly down to the fantastic start she had with Jane and her family. We met Jane and her gang before the puppies were born and I was blown away by her knowledge, attitude and passion. Jane has put years of work and research into making sure her dogs are as happy and healthy as possible and it definitely shows. The webcam is a fantastic idea and every effort is made to make sure you feel included and updated during the early puppy weeks. Jane is approachable, down to earth and above all a lovely lady. I cannot recommend itzapromise highly enough. Quotes
Georgie Argyris

Quotes About 4 years ago we adopted one of Jane's older cats, the beautiful and characterful Basil , brother to Sybil. Then in 2013 when Sybil had her final litter we decided to take one of the male kittens. Jane is clearly a very professional and knowledgeable breeder both of Poodles and Devon Rex. All her animals are kept in excellent condition and are well socialized, before they leave with their new families. Jane was very welcoming and willing to help with any follow up advice on diet and caring for the cats. I would certainly recommend Itzapromise to anyone looking to acquire a pedigree kitten or puppy. Quotes
jacqui laing
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