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Randlyn Black Bella

Bella is my husbands working cocker spaniel. She comes from a long line of trial winners and working champions and to be honest she is slightly wasted here. Although she has been trained to work to the gun due to time constraints Graham doesn't shoot nearly as often as he or Bella would like...


Having said this I think she has a pretty good time, living as part of the family (she was meant to be a kenneled working dog- never set a paw in a kennel!) with plenty of exercise over fairly rough terrain with lots of pheasant to flush.We have now found a solution to keeping Bella in work and are sharing her with a friend who does a lot of beating and shooting, so Bella is now in regular work on the Powderham Estate. She has muscles that would put most bodybuilders to shame.

She has the typical soft personality of a cocker combined with a drive to work. She was a pain in the neck as a pup, as she couldn't be over exercised in the 1st few months she got bored and being a dog designed to push through undergrowth and brambles, our privet hedge did little to contain her, I can't tell you how many times we had a phone call to say "are you missing a small black dog?". We have had to replace a fair amount of hedge with sturdy wooden fencing.

Everyone who visits falls for Bella and we have had plenty of visitors that have had to be stopped on their way out to remove a cocker shaped bulge from under their jackets!!

 Bella is eye tested clear for Goniodysgenesis, GPRA and CPRA.


Below- bringing home the 'bacon'.