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Calie's Chrome Consulaire Can Cause at Itzapromise

This wonderful silver boy has come all the way from Sweden, with mainly American breeding behind him, and will hopefully be a good match for my silver girls as he is from a line, that as far as I am aware, is new to the UK. I came across the Caile website about a year ago and decided that a boy from this kennel would be a sensible solution to finding unrelated boys for my girls. His mother is the top winning silver bitch in Europe and his sire is the top winning silver dog in Europe, both are champions in numerous countries.



It was a nerve wrecking experience from the time I booked a puppy to the time I met him, as I had to put my faith in a complete stranger and hope that the pup was everything she said he was. I needn't have worried, he was everything she said he was and more, Although he is only 4 months old at the time of me writing this, he oozes quality but more importantly, to me, his temperament is terrific. After traveling for 36 hrs he arrived home and got out of the car with a waggy tail, he has been happy to say hello to everyone who has visited and is confident with all my other dogs.

Cash has tested clear for SA on 21.12 2013. Hip scored 4/5. He is hereditary clear for NE and vWd. He was last tested clear for hereditary cataracts on 25.02.2020. Cash has been DNA tested for DM and is a carrier, he will only be mated to girls who have been tested clear for DM.

Cash loves his agility

Cash at Crufts 2015


Since his haircut.