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 November 2020 update.

Along with many other breeders I have been inundated with puppy enquiries over the last few months. Whilst I do my best to respond to enquiries within 48hrs I do still have to look after all my pets, maintain contact with those that have had puppies or kittens from me, oh and try and spend some time with my family, so I can only apologise if I have failed to respond to some enquiries. To this end I have to advise that I will not be taking any more puppy enquiries for the foreseeable future. All the breeders I would normally recommend are in the same situation and I don't know of any retired dogs in need of a home. For those looking for a puppy I would advise patience, a pandemic is no reason to pay through the nose for a puppy, or to excuse a poorly bred puppy. Now more than ever please make sure you thoroughly research your breeder before you make any commitment, there are still some very ethical breeders out there but you may have to be prepared to wait if you want a pup from them. I will amend this message once demand has returned to a more usual level. 



  (It has been brought to my attention that I do not always receive emails, if you have not had a response within 48hrs of sending an email please either try again or give me a ring)

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