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Devon Rascals

My first two devons came from Smoothasilk in Torquay(hence the Fawlty Towers names -Sybil and Basil). They are brother and sister. Basil is a black smoke neutered boy, Sybil is an apricot queen. They are an amazing breed of cat, very friendly, into everything and huge appetites, they steal any food left out including stale bread meant for the chickens.

Sybil (blood type 'B')first went to stud 5 years ago but despite being with the tom more than she was at home and frequent matings she refused to conceive, until of course we left the door open just once and 9 weeks later we had a lovely litter of moggy kittens. Sybil was a cat in a million, we lost her suddenly in 2015 and to say she is missed is a massive understatement. Anyone who met her remembers her. We have her daughter, Margo, her grand daughter, Bob and now her g. grand daughter, Mrs Miggins.

Witchypuss Onefortheladies , born in 2006 and known as Manuel (blood type 'B') to keep with the Fawlty Towers theme. He is a very handsome black smoke and white lad who is the proud father to some wonderful kittens. Some of his kittens are doing very well in the show world, but the main thing about his kittens is the fabulous temperament that they have all inherited from him. Although Manuel has to live outside, due to the typical spraying of an entire boy, he is still very much a part of our family and we are fortunate that he is able to enjoy his days as he pleases as he has free run of our large garden and has a fully insulated (heated in cold weather) cabin to keep him secure overnight.


 Philokalia Fair Dinkum (blood type 'A'). She was born in Sept o8. She came to us with the very cute name of Dinks but unfortunatly for her there are still names I can use from Fawlty Towers so she has become Miss Tibbs (one of the two old ladies). Tibbs is an affectionate girl, but can be a little wary of strangers, her kittens however have no such reservations and tend to be very pushy little gremlins. Tibbs has produced some stunning kittens to Manuel a couple of which have enjoyed some show success.








Miss Tibbs has now been joined by her full sister, I think she may have to be the last for a while as we are almost out of Fawlty Towers names, she is Miss Gatsby (blood type 'B')- the 2nd old lady from F.T. She is a beautiful black smoke and is of a slightly more substantial build than her sister but is equally friendly.Unfortunately it became necessary to have Miss Gatsby neutered, she is now very happy to be a pe. Tibbs is now retired but we have kept her last kitten, Polly.


Since Miss Gatsby has been spayed I have now brought in a Sybil grandaughter, Bob. She is a chunky little blue cream with the sweetest nature. She is registered as Bountiful KateshortforBob (Black Adder fans will understand the name!). Bob has now been neutered and we have kept her daughter, Bernard.

 Margo is Sybils daughter, born in 2013 she was from Sybil's litter. Margo is a striking looking cat and has a wicked attitude to life, she is a typical naughty torti. Like her mum, she loves the outdoor life and chooses to spend much of the day outside exploring, but when she is indoors she is my daughters special pet, they spend long periods of time playing with each other, she has an almost perfect retrieve! Margo did have on litter, but it was not a good time, she needed a caesarian and only 2 of her 5 kittens survived. She was spayed to prevent the same happening again.

 Mrs Miggins is Bobs daughter to an outside stud, born March 2015,  she is a beautiful girl and was chosen to stay because of her affectionate nature. As she is unrelated to both Manuel and Fawlty we are looking forward to future kittens with both my boys

Beetle is a homebred girl (Mrs Miggins/Manuel) who is staying with us. She stood out to me from birth, partly as she was bald as a coot but mainly because of her determined nature. I knew I had planned to keep a kitten from this litter but tried desperately hard not to fall in love with this naked little gremlin. Well, I failed in a big way and this little lady is staying.

Introducing Polly, a Manuel/Tibbs kitten who is so similar to her mum (apart from colour). This little lady was a complete surprise as she was born a full 48hrs after her sister!

 Bernard is a Bob/Manuel kitten, keeping to the blackadder  theme of mens names for females :) Due to Bob having severe mastitis when this litter was born, Bernard was hand reared, along with her siblings, as a result she is my total shadow!.


 Last, but by no means least, is Fawlty, or Peppadora Magic Roundabout to give him his official name. This boy has truly won my heart, such a fab kitten and my husband is totally soppy with his little buddy :-)Fawlty was born in March 2015 and we have high hopes for him as a stud cat. I do not show my cats, but my friend does and so she took him to the feline equivalent of Crufts, The Supreme, where he won the male kitten class and then on to win kitten best in breed!





Below are Manuel and Basil showing their 'new men' image and babysitting the kittens!Basil- What a good looking boy!! And so photogenic.