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Zeeg Bonny Bluebelle

I have wanted a parti poodle for as long as I have been involved in poodles, and I have finally taken the plunge with a little black/blue and white girl. She came from a lady in Wales who has been breeding parti poodles for several years and who registers and DNA eye tests all her breeding stock (Dilli is clear by parentage). 

Dilli was born in April 2009. Dilli has now found her feet and is a very 'up for it' little girl, she is the first to go and say hello when we meet people on our walks and is already winning the hearts of those that have met her.


There is a lot of controvosy over the parti poodles, alot of breeders of the solid colours are very against them. The main argument I have heard against them is that they could spoil a solid line if someone uses a parti factored dog with a solid dog and unknowingly introduces  the parti gene. I would think this is avoidable as long as pups are registered and accurate records are kept with regards the colour (a little tricky as the Kennel Club registers all partis as non recognised). The gene pool for partis is still very small in this country but I am pleased to say there is virtually no line breeding in Dilli's pedigree, so she is a nice bitch for me to start with. She is not perfect to look at, a little long in the back, but she is sound and has a perfect mouth, and a good tail set and good ear leathers, so by using a dog that  is perhaps a bit shorter in the back than she is, we should get some very nice pups in years to come.

Dilli has just visited a very good looking Apricot boy from the other side of the pond (15.03.2011) Both his parents are American show  champions. Both parents are eye tested. Update - Dilli has 5 little boys looking for loving homes (June 2011)