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Itzapromise Taji

Dime was born on 01/11/2011. She is a silver puppy with a unique pedigree. Her sire is Zenzaris Lord of Charms, a champion sired brindle dog.The silver gene pool is so small in this country and knowing that I will want to breed from a puppy that I keep I wanted to increase my options when looking for a stud dog. The sire shares the same father as Audrey (a dog that I love), his mum is a silver brindle and white girl whose parents are both silver/blue and white. Hopefully this means that the silver colouring will remain a strong genetic influence. She may also carry the brindle and phantom genes, which are recessive, she ha been DNA tested for the spotting gene and she does not carry it so will not produce partis or parti carriers. So all in all I feel that she is an exciting breeding prospect.

Dime has a 15 generation COI of 7.4% and a Wycliffe % of 38.09.She has a fantastic hip score of 2:1, has a current clear eye test (09.03.2018), is DNA tested clear for DM and is SA clear

I didn't choose Dime, I know it's cliched but she chose me. I generally prefer  smaller std poodles, something that Dime has never been. She was called Big Bertha at birth, a name that has stuck. Her size made her stand out but it was her personality that grabbed me. She was always there, barking for attention and following me like a shadow from about 5 weeks of age. Like Audrey her tail is always wagging and she has a smiley face. Despite being a big girl she move very nicely, has ear leathers like Dumbo and a coat that would put some adult poodles to shame. On top of this it looks like she will be a platinum silver like her mum.

 Dime has been mated t oCash, we are hoping for a wonderful litter of silvers at the end of April 2018.

This picture of Dime was taken at 7 weeks old.

 And at 4months old.


And here at 6 months old

Dime is the most athletic dog I know, she is always flat out on a walk and is by far the fastest out of all my dogs, she is powerful and elegant and quite simply a pleasure to watch.