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Itzapromise My Fair Lady

Eliza is an Audrey pup from Audrey's final litter, at the time of writing she is only 5 months old but she has already won my heart. She is a cracking little girl and is an absolute pleasure to train, like her mum she has a tail that wags constantly and a wicked smile. This girl gets away with murder as she has perfected the art of making me laugh when she is naughty! On top of this she is beautifully made and moves like a dream and her colour is a gorgeous dark apricot. She is too confident for her own good and loves everybody. I am so enjoying this pup and look forward to working with her as she grows up.

Eliza has been DNA tested clear for DM, NE and vWD, she has also tested negative for SA. She has also been found to carry the phantom gene.She is hip scored 3:5.

  Picture below shows Eliza on the left and her half sister, Tiffany, on the right.