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This is a very special girl. Frankie was born 29.06.10, she is one of Rhondas pups and until she was 6 weeks old she appeared to be totally normal, but overnight she went blind. She is under the care of an eye specialist who says she has mature cataracts and is completly blind (though I feel she has light and dark sight) he feels that the blindness was caused whilst in the womb and probably due to mum picking up some form of virus at around day 40 of her pregnancy. These are NOT hereditary catarcts, apart from the fact that both parents have current eye certificates for hereditary cataracts, they do not fit the pattern for hereditary catarcts.Flying Frankie

She is a confident and cheerful pup, and although she does bump into things in a strange environment she does not let this slow her down. I am planning on keeping Frankie until she has finished her puppy classes and I feel she is in a position to cope with a new home. Much as I would like to keep her on a permanent basis I do not feel that a house with as many dogs as I have is the ideal place for her, already she finds herself being mown down by the big girls if they get excited over anything. When the time is right I will therefore be looking for a very special home for this little lady, hopefull with one or two nice dogs for her to follow.  18.01.11 Frankie is now adjusting to her new life in Cornwall with retired vets Simon and Mary and their 2 std poodles and 1 toy poodle. She is going to be a much loved and wanted addition to their family and is much missed by me. She is a very special girl.


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