Itzapromise Poodles

Raising the Standard in Poodles and Devon Rex Cats

Kittens in their new homes.

By popular request this page is to follow the kittens after they have left my care. It will consist of photos, information and contact information for those who are happy to be contacted by other puppy owners or possibly potential owners of an Itzapromise puppy.

 If you have an Itzapromise puppy or kitten (even if it is an adult now) and would like to be included on this page, with or without contact details, please email any information/photos that you would like published.

Sybils babies

Tibo, owned by Mel


 Yoda - owned by Heidi.


Miss Gatsby's babies

Truly, owned by Chris. Truly was recently entered in a cat show and won her class :-)

 This is Murphy owned by Lisa and Pete

 Murphy, enjoying? his 1st christmas :-))

Salem - owned by Heidi




Miss Tibbs babies

Vienna, owned by Tricia

Abdab (formally known as Squeak), owned by Mo. Picture taken at her 1st show where she won 2 classes. She is now a champion :-)


Gordon owned by Becky

These are Pickles and Mittens, two unplanned but nevertheless beautiful Devon Rex X kittens, they are owned by Laura and her family..



2011 kittens.

 Tess (from Sybil) and Polly (from Miss G) owned by Paula.

Biba, owned by Angela

Dobby, owned by Amy