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This is Martha, Dollars baby born 27.06.08. I think I must have gone slightly mad as she takes my numbers up to 10, but I think she is worth it. My daughter has now started school so it gives me a bit more time to put into my dogs so I am looking forward to training this little pup and having a dog I can take anywhere and be proud of.

She is now just over 6 months old (Jan 09) and is showing she has inherited her mothers beautiful fine head. Her colour is changing fast, showing her true silver colour. What she doesn't appear to have inherited from her mum is height, she is a much smaller and more compact bitch.

She has probably been the easiest pup I have brought up, very quick to learn, eager to please, a dream to groom and bath yet settles quietly in the evenings. All in all I couldn't be happier with her. 


   Below is a photo of mother and daughter.


Martha is now 1 year old, and is a very stylish girl. She has been badly influenced by Audrey and are now known as the terrible two. Up until recently Martha had been an absolute angel, but under the guidence of a younger pup she has discovered the delights of chewing shoes and digging up the garden- bless her!

Due to a combination of things, not least the very wet July we are experiencing and Audrey constantly chewing her ears, I have taken her coat off today. I am delighted with the dog underneath, especially the true silver colour.

Martha has been tested clear for hereditary catarcts and her hipscore results are 3:3.

After a lot of soul searching I have been persuaded to let Martha go and live with a friend of mine who recently lost a poodle she had from me many years ago.  She is loving being an only dog and has made my friend very happy. Sadly this has completely mucked up my breeding plans, but sometimes this is not the most important thing.


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