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Morse is a special little chap, in more ways than one.Born 18th Oct 2013, he has been imported from Sabine Hagel in Germany and his pedigree combines some very nice show dogs, on his mothers side, with some lovely phantom breeding on his sires side. This means that he has correct conformation and also has the ability, when put to the right girl, to produce phantoms. But of course none of this would be any good for a breeding program without him having a good temperament, fortunately he has a great temperament, which has enabled him to slot right into our home.

Morse has matured into a good sized solid boy, standing just over 26" to the shoulder and weighing 30k, he has been slow to mature but I am seeing a very well put together dog emerging from a gangly teeenager

 Morse has been DNA tested for vWD, DM and NE and is unaffected for all three, he is hip scored 5/4. He has been tested clear for hereditary cataracts (June 2018) and was tested clear of SA in June 2015. He has also been tested for the K locus and has been found to be a Ky carrier (phantom). Morse is considered to be a genetically diverse standard poodle, please see the genetic diversity page for further info.