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Montravia Donna Natalie  (21.01.94 - 12.03.09)

 Lilly was my special girl, today I made the decision to let her go whilst she still had her dignity, this is the hardest decision to make. I know that I have done the right thing for her but it doesn't make it any easier for me. She will always be in my memories. I am leaving her page here as a tribute to her. She will never be replaced.

My first standard poodle was a Montravia girl. I was still living with my parents at the time and they were far from keen about the idea of having a dog, so I waited until they went away for a long weekend, made lots of phone calls, got a friend to give me a lift and bought my first standard poodle - I can still remember Pauline Gibbs walking into the room with this fluffy ball of fun with eyes full of intelligence hanging onto her skirt. I was hooked!

I called this girl Josie. It was 5 years from then that I had my own home and was finally able to breed a litter of pups, and so Lilly was concieved. Although Josie was a fantastic dog Lilly was special right from the start, even now 15 years later she is still my special girl.

With help and encouragement from my very good friend Rosie Ison I started agility training with her. She proved to be a wonderful dog to work and did a fair amount of winning putting lots of border collies in their place, she won out of starters and got some very nice places at novice level, had I been a better handler I have no doubt she would have done even better. She was always very in tune with me and gave 101%.

Lilly is now fast approaching her 15th birthday, she has kept her black colour remarkably well although she is a little blind, a little deaf and a little senile but is still content and physically she is very well still enjoying her walks, we just have to keep an eye on her as if she goes off chasing with the others I worry she won't find her way back. The picture below shows her aged 14.5years, I am hoping to add some of her agility footage if I can get it onto digital format.






 We lost Maggie to throat cancer this week (21.02.2012). She was a very special girl with the most expressive eyes

Maggie is a  poodle, border collie cross born April 2001. She was bought with agility in mind long before poodle crosses became a fashion thing. Maggie is a definate people dog, so much so that if the right 1 to 1 home came about I would consider re homing her as although she is happy here I think she would thrive as an only dog. Maggie is now living with a good friend of mine where she can be the centre of attention, she also accompanies her new mum to work looking after children in care.

She started off her training and showed great promise both with agility and obedience but when she was just 6 months old, my 1st husband Mark died. This obviously had a great effect on everything and Maggies training was abandoned.

Maggie is the reason that I believe all Std poodles should be hip scored. In her pedigree all the BCs are scored with very low results, none of the poodles were scored (many top show lines). Maggie has a hip score of just under 50! Although I was advised I could re start agility training with her, I chose not to, I didn't want to responsible for putting her joints under undue stress for my benefit. So instead I make sure she has regular exercise and battle to keep her weight on the low side- a constant challenge as she is a walking dustbin. She has further leg problems as at 1 year old she had an accident and paralysed one of her front legs. With hydrotherapy she now has 95% normal function of her leg. Ball chasing is one of her favorite games (typical border collie) and she is allowed to do this on a limited basis.

The photo of Maggie below is one of the few I have of her as she has a camera phobia, I have no idea why. It shows her after a haircut, if left she has a thick, long wavy coat.