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Itzapromise Lady Fury

Nina was born here on 02/11/2011, she was one of Audrey's 1st litter sired by Rowena Parker's red boy Cachucha's Amor Gitano. She was my pick of litter but at that point I was not able to keep a puppy, so she was homed with a couple that I had chatted to and met on previous occasions with the proviso that I could have her back for 1 litter of puppies. Nina is currently 2 1/2 years old and is with me for a few months in the hope that she has a litter of puppies.

Nina has matured into such a pretty girl, although her colour has not held as well as her mums she is still beautiful, she reminds me so much of her grandmother, Rhonda, both in looks and temperament. She is a small and compact girl with a very athletic build. She is slightly reserved when she first meets you, but once she has sussed you out she wants to sit on your lap!!

Nina was eye tested clear for hereditary cataracts on 21/05/2014 and has a nice even hip score of 5:5. She has a Wycliffe % of 22, 15 gen COI of 7.8 (or 0.3% according to The Kennel Club).

Nina has been mated to Cash and now has a wonderful litter of 8 silver and blue puppies, born 26.07.2014. All these puppies are looking for homes.