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Indian Runner Ducks and Pure Bred Chickens

I thought that perhaps my garden pets ought to get a mention, as not only do they provide me with the freshest tastiest eggs, but they are also great to sit and watch in the garden.

The ducks are comical purely in the way they stand and move, they are like wine bottles with legs. Currently I have one extremely amorous drake (thinks the chickens are fair game!) and 4 girls. Duck eggs are fantastic for baking and if I have a poached egg I would choose duck. The eggs I get from both my ducks and chickens have the yellowest yolks and when used in cakes etc I often find myself clarifying that I have not used yellow food colouring in them!


My original chicken (who is now 7 years old (2011)) came to me with a clutch of chicks that she protected fiercely, she was named Attila the Hen. She is my favourite girl and is still laying eggs on a regular basis. She has been joined by

Orpingtons- a huge fluffy breed, Brahmas - large bird with feathered legs, Salmon Faverolles- resemble barn owls in colour, Marans - lay very dark brown egg, Black Rocks - renowned for being eggcellent egg layers and Pekins - friendly bantams with feathered legs. Chickens are far more intelligent than people generally realise, they are hunters and will eat mice, slow worms etc. Along with the ducks they keep my garden pretty much slug free.

I don't breed my birds but I do sell my Runner eggs for hatching (£1.00 each)or, if you are local enough, my chicken eggs for eating at £1.00 for 6. All my poultry are completely free range to the point that we have on occasion had chickens in the kitchen and even in the lounge if the doors are open :-)