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Taladayga Help Me Rhonda - R.I.P Apr 2003 - March 2014

Rhonda is my beautiful apricot standard poodle, she was bred by Anita Bax out of her champion bitch Taladayga Miss Scarlet. She is a very well made girl, not the biggest poodle but has a lovely compact body and superb movement, which she passed on to her 1st litter of pups in 2007.  Unfortunately these pictures do not do her colour justice as they were taken on a very dull mid winters day and the flash has given her a washed out appearance, she has got a very good rich colour with dark pigment on her lips,nose and around her eyes(which can be seen better on some of the photos on page headed walkies), and seeing as she is now approaching her 8th birthday I doubt that it is going to fade much. On this page I have included a picture of  puppies from her 1st litter and the apricot pup on the home page is also her baby.

She is hip scored 6:6 and is eye tested clear for hereditary cataracts. 


 Rhonda is top dog out of my girls and as befits her position she will assess all strangers carefuly before becoming their best friend! She is a very sensitive girl and loves to cuddle in to you. She was very lightly shown as a puppy but neither she nor I enjoyed it so despite getting a couple of nice places we didn't carry on, long walks are so much more fun and have the added benefit of keeping us both in shape (though I have to admit her shape is better than mine).

 I have kept a puppy from her 2nd litter, Audrey, she has a page of her own. Rhonda has now had her 3rd and final litter. Rhonda has now been spayed and can now enjoy her retirement.