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Zenzaris A Boy Named Sioux

I'll start with the name: The name has an explanation, though it is a bit long winded, so please bear with me.
Sioux's mum is called Sydney, a name generally associated with males, when most people think of a Red Indian horse they think of a coloured horse, the lady that bred him is called Su, and finally those of you as old as me may recall the Johnny Cash son 'A Boy Named Sue'. His pet name will be Sioux. I know that I will have to repeat this explanation often, and realised today that I will have to buy a new puppy collar for him, because on top of being called Sioux, I had to take the poor lad out on a pink collar and lead today :-)

Sioux is the first male Std  poodle that I have owned in 13 years so I am looking forward to seeing how he compares to the girls. He is a parti colour and hopefully he will be good enough to make the grade as a possible stud dog once he is mature, both his parents have good hip scores so I am hopeful that he will be fine in that regard. But first and foremost he will be part of the family. I have recently rediscovered the sport of agility, and am loving it, so his puppy training will progress with future agility training in mind.

Sioux is now 8 months old (Nov 13), he is quite possibly the most laid back dog I have ever owned, he is so un demanding, not to say he doesn't have character, he is a gobby little man with an opinion on everything and is the brightest of all my poodles, we believe he was a mole in a previous life, if the holes he has dug are anything to go by!! But in the house you just wouldn't know you had him, it took me a while to form a bond with this little man but I am delighted to say that we have finally clicked :-)

When I first decided to take Sioux on, one of my main concerns was that he was going to be a very big dog (I prefer a medium sized spoo) as his Dad is a big boy, I needn't have worried as Sioux has matured at about 23" and is beautifully proportioned.

Sioux has a 15 generation COI of 9.7% and a Wycliffe % of 33.98.He is tested clear of S.A on 17.03.2013, his hip score is 4:5 and will be eye tested in the next couple of weeks. Sioux is available at stud to Std Poodle bitches only.