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Bountiful Nok Tok

'Gary'baldi is a very special boy, kindly entrusted to us by Gloria Brynes. He was conceived in Russia, an only kitten, and as such carries unique lines in this country.

He is registered as a blue tabby and I think he is absolutely gorgeous. He is definately a marmite cat - you will either love him or hate him, but I think that those who meet him will love him as his temperment is incredible. He endured a 7 1/2 hour journey to get here, with a short rest period, and unfortunately on the last leg of the journey he had an accident which meant that as soon as we got through the door he had to have a bath. I can't say he enjoyed the bath, but 2 minutes later it was like he had lived here all his life.


Graham is completely bowled over by his character and Emily has claimed him as 'her kitten'  - which Graham strongly disputes!


He is registered on the active register and will hopefuly be the start of my sphynx breeding. Gary has been HCM scanned clear 29.06.11


Onaturel Shabby Chic

Lady Godiva (Diva) is, in my opinion, a strikingly beautiful girl and my thanks go to Gloria for letting me have her on the active register. This is the second Sphinx that I have had from Gloria and both have been incredibly confident purr machines from the moment they walked through the door. She is registered as a seal torti and white with dark points.

Diva has had 2 litters of kittens, neither was planned, she was a very determined (and obviously sexy) girl. I therefore decided that the safest course of action was to have her spayed and Gary is now with the owner of one of his kittens, in Scotland. I will be continuing to breed my Devon Rexes.