Itzapromise Poodles

Raising the Standard in Poodles and Devon Rex Cats

Big Dogs in Small Packages

Taladayga Little Flamer is my toy boy! This little chap has it all, great looks, fantastic colour, intelligence,superb movement and breeding and he is the only boy among 9 girls!!

Alfie is a fantastic dog to live with. He is full of fun, bold as brass and eager to please.

Alfie has champion breeding on both sides, both his parents are champions and he has several siblings who are also doing very well in the show ring. He is optigen PRA clear by parentage, GPRA tested clear (last test 12.11.2012) and DNA tested clear for DM and is keen to meet suitable girls.

My black girl is Betty (Itzapromise Made To Last)  She is black and beautiful. Betty is a tiny toy standing at 8" (she is optigen dna tested clear for PRA and tested clear for GPRA).  Despite her size, she is both correct in type and action and has produced  healthy puppies with no problems.

I also have  parti coloured toys "Dorothy" and "Dilligaf" as they are a little unusual in colour they have their own pages.

Although they may be small they have the same routine as the big dogs, including a 6 mile walk every day, the only difference being that they are allowed to sit on my lap in the evening.

 Fizzy is a homebred hooligan. Her mum is Betty and Alfie is her dad. She is registered as Itzapromise Storm in a T'cup and she is! She is a little whirlwind and absolutely loaded with character. She is going to be really tiny, I think she will be smaller than her mum. She was born 30.01.2011.She is a blue poodle, which I think comes from her mums line, and it will be a couple of years before she shows her final colour.