Itzapromise Poodles

Raising the Standard in Poodles and Devon Rex Cats

Having fun

This page is just a collection of photos taken on one of our local walks. The photos do not necessarily show the dogs looking their best, they are not all groomed to perfection, some may be a little out of focus and some of potentially the best photos didn't make it as another dog would stick it's nose on the lens, saying what about me! just as i pressed the button. What I hope they show is a fit group of dogs enjoying life, getting plenty of physical exercise and mental stimulation. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed being out with my girls (and Alfie) whilst taking the photos.

















And home again.

 Walking with my friend Rosie, and two of her dogs - Chip and Fozzie.

And me with some of my girls on Dartmoor