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Itzapromise Ode Mae Brown

Whoopi is our newest addition, born on 12.11.2018 she is a Spirit daughter. To keep to the phantom theme her name is derived from the film Ghost. Oda Mae Brown being one of the main characters from the film, played by Whoopi Goldberg. This little lady just oozes confidence, she is looking like a very promising puppy, is very well put together and has a beautiful head with eyes that are just full of fire and mischief. Although she is black she will carry the phantom gene, this mating was done with the hope of introducing more quality to the phantom lines, I believe it has been successful!

When Whoopi was just 14 weeks old she suffered a catastrophic accident, resulting in a subluxation of the spine (C1-C2) and a massive brain hemorrhage. She should have died at the time of the accident, but she didn't. She eventually regained consciousness but was paralysed. It took many weeks of veterinary care, 24hr nursing and physio from myself and tremendous support from my family and friends, but she has now made a recovery that is nothing short of miraculous. She is left with some slight disabilities but she lives her life to the full and does everything that the other dogs do, including trick training and hoopers. Her strength of character is nothing short of amazing and I can't begin to describe the bond I have with this girl. She is my little miracle.


DNA tested clear for vWD, DM and NE