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Raising the standard in standard poodles (and Devon Rex cats).


Over 30 years of experience living with this wonderful breed of dog.

At Itzapromise, we are passionate about breeding standard poodles and Devon Rex cats. We specialize in silver, apricot and phantom poodles, and strive to produce healthy and well-socialized pets. With years of experience and a commitment to excellence, we take pride in providing top-quality animals to loving homes with genuine lifetime support.

My name is Jane Rowden, I bought my first standard poodle in 1989 from Pauline Gibbs of Montravia poodles, from that moment onwards I have been captivated by the humour, intelligence and appearance of standard poodles. All my dogs live in our family home and are very much pets before they are anything else, in fact only a couple of my dogs are being bred from at any one time, most are either retired from breeding or have never been bred. The same is true of my cats, a breed that I first owned in 2004. All my pets are raw meat fed and minimally vaccinated.

My dogs

Silver Standard Poodle

I currently own two silver standard poodles, father and daughter, more information can be found on their individual pages.

Phantom Standard Poodle

I am proud to own a beautiful example of a phantom poodle, carefully bred by using solid coloured show dogs to improve type and quality, more information can be found on Voodoo's page.

Black Poodle

Whoopi is my very special black poodle, find out what makes her special on her own page.

Apricot Standard Poodle

My two beautiful apricot girls are 3rd generation of my breeding, they are both neutered and are wonderful pets. We now have a new apricot girl, from Denmark, so hopefully Itzapromise can start a new line of apricots soon.

My daughters horse, nothing to do with my poodles or cats but felt he should have a mention :)

Devon Rex Cats

Devon rex cats come in every colour you can think of, I currently own 5, all are different colours and patterns


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